Integration of optical spectroscopy and ultrasound imaging to monitor placental oxygenation in a woman.

Monitoring of placental oxygenation via concurrent spectroscopy and sonography

The September issue highlights the non-invasive monitoring of placental oxygen haemodynamics in pregnant women via the integration of optical spectroscopy and ultrasound imaging.


  • RNA structure

    This conference will discuss progress in the understanding of the roles of RNAs in immune signalling and in chronic disease associated with dysregulated inflammation, as well as efforts to translate basic knowledge into mRNA vaccines and oligonucleotide treatments. November 8, 2022 – November 10, 2022, Carlsbad, CA, USA. Also streamed online.

  • Connected brain

    Join us at this online-only conference during October 25–27, 2022. The meeting will discuss advances in the design, implementation and clinical translation of technology for interfacing with the central and peripheral nervous systems in the context of human disease and health.

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  • Designing viral diagnostic tests for point-of-care use involves many trade-offs. Yet ease of use, low cost and accuracy shouldn’t be compromised.

  • By allowing for the visualization of living tissue faster, at higher contrast or with larger fields of view, imaging modalities widely used in research are making inroads into the detection of disease in the human body.

  • Better cell sourcing and increasingly fine control over cell differentiation, tissue formation and cell and tissue maturation are pushing forward progress in disease modelling, drug development and regenerative medicine.


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