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  • Parkhitko et al. discuss combinatorial approaches targeting underlying mechanisms of aging across species and describe frameworks to analyze these interactions and their cross-species translational potential.

    • Andrey A. Parkhitko
    • Elizabeth Filine
    • Marc Tatar
    Review Article
  • SenNet Consortium members review current and emerging methodologies for spatially resolved mapping of senescent cells. They discuss their limitations and challenges involved in the aim of creating a comprehensive atlas of senescent cells during aging.

    • Aditi U. Gurkar
    • Akos A. Gerencser
    • João F. Passos
    Review Article
  • This Review provides an update on the most promising blood-based biomarkers relevant to Alzheimer’s disease and how they can be used to substantially improve the diagnostic and prognostic work-up in clinical practice and trials.

    • Oskar Hansson
    • Kaj Blennow
    • Jeffrey Dage
    Review Article
  • This Review provides evidence-based update on the association between social interaction and risk of dementia. The authors propose a policy framework to promote social interaction as a preventative strategy against dementia.

    • Andrew Sommerlad
    • Mika Kivimäki
    • Gill Livingston
    Review Article
  • This Review highlights the need for targeting Alzheimer’s disease in the preclinical stage for an effective therapeutic strategy. The authors provide an update on candidate therapies in development, current preclinical Alzheimer’s disease trials, recruitment challenges and future directions.

    • Michael S. Rafii
    • Paul S. Aisen
    Review Article
  • Lamming and Mannick discuss work over the past decade showing that rapamycin promotes survival in multiple species and how recent clinical trials have finally begun to explore whether existing mTOR inhibitors can safely prevent, delay or treat multiple diseases of aging in humans.

    • Joan B. Mannick
    • Dudley W. Lamming
    Review Article
  • Spermidine is a naturally occurring polyamine that elicits geroprotection and autophagy induction across species. This Review delineates its molecular targets, effects on the hallmarks of aging, and recent insights from epidemiological and clinical studies.

    • Sebastian J. Hofer
    • Anna Katharina Simon
    • Frank Madeo
    Review Article
  • This Review provides an update on the pleiotropic effects of mitochondria in aging and discusses how defects in mitochondrial stress pathways contribute to the decline in cellular and systemic homeostasis during aging and age-related diseases.

    • Tanes Lima
    • Terytty Yang Li
    • Johan Auwerx
    Review Article
  • In this Review, the authors discuss the concept of molecular damage in aging, from theoretical models to experimental approaches and how to test interventions targeting aging that reduce its burden.

    • Vadim N. Gladyshev
    • Stephen B. Kritchevsky
    • Steven R. Cummings
    Review Article
  • This Review summarizes current research on cellular senescence including its molecular basis and examines how drugs may be targeted against senescent cells to treat age-related multimorbidities.

    • Nathan S. Gasek
    • George A. Kuchel
    • Ming Xu
    Review Article
  • COVID-19 causes high mortality in older adults compared to younger people. Bartleson et al. review the immunological mechanisms that make older adults vulnerable to COVID-19 and discuss ways to bolster immunity in this population during COVID-19.

    • Juliet M. Bartleson
    • Dina Radenkovic
    • Eric Verdin
    Review Article
  • This Review synthesizes recent research on the mechanisms and roles of autophagy in health, aging and disease and discusses how drugs that modulate the process of autophagy could be used to suppress age-associated diseases.

    • Yahyah Aman
    • Tomas Schmauck-Medina
    • Evandro F. Fang
    Review Article
  • Rockwood and colleagues discuss how measuring the degree of frailty helps us understand how aging gives rise to the diseases of aging, and aids translation from comprehensive geriatric assessment and individual care plans to geroscience and back.

    • Susan E. Howlett
    • Andrew D. Rutenberg
    • Kenneth Rockwood
    Review Article
  • Polypharmacy is a leading health concern entangled with many geriatric syndromes. This Review provides an overview of the current research landscape and a critical appraisal of existing and emerging approaches to address polypharmacy.

    • Raaj S. Mehta
    • Bharati D. Kochar
    • Andrew T. Chan
    Review Article
  • The authors review how the blood–brain barrier, a regulatory interface that controls interactions between the blood and central nervous system, changes during healthy aging, and discuss how some of these changes may predispose to age-associated diseases.

    • William A. Banks
    • May J. Reed
    • Michelle A. Erickson
    Review Article
  • Intermittent and periodic fasting are emerging as important interventions with the potential to extend longevity and healthspan. This Review discusses how they affect longevity and healthspan in model organisms and humans, their connection to major nutrient-sensing signaling pathways and the importance of refeeding.

    • Valter D. Longo
    • Maira Di Tano
    • Novella Guidi
    Review Article