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  • This Perspective discusses the socioeconomic concept of the longevity dividend, in which healthy and productive aging is achieved through a positive correlation between three dimensions: life expectancy, health and the economy.

    • Andrew J. Scott
  • In this Perspective, McMahon et al. examine the emerging roles and implications of post-transcriptional RNA modifications, or the epitranscriptome, in aging and age-related diseases, highlighting potential epitranscriptomic mechanisms and/or their dysfunction that may regulate the aging process.

    • Mary McMahon
    • Craig Forester
    • Rochelle Buffenstein
  • Despite scarce evidence, ageism is often cited as a social factor contributing to elder mistreatment. This Perspective examines the limited research linking these issues and proposes a model and research agenda to further understand the relationship.

    • Karl Pillemer
    • David Burnes
    • Andie MacNeil
  • In this Perspective, Rando and Wyss-Coray discuss recent advances in the field of the biology of aging, focusing on new concepts related to the processes of cell and tissue aging and how they impact the healthspan and lifespan of an individual.

    • Thomas A. Rando
    • Tony Wyss-Coray