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Volume 24 Issue 12, December 2019

Volume 24 Issue 12

Cover images show immunofluorescence staining of the striatum (sagittal section) of D1-GFP mice at postnatal day 8. D1 receptor-expressing neurons (green) form patch-like structures colocalizing with the glutamatergic afferent islands delineated by intense vGlut1 (red) staining, supporting the idea that D1 neurons play a driver role in early postnatal striatal development. Schizophrenia-associated VIPR2 CNV derails the striatal developmental trajectory to manifest dopamine abnormality, cognitive, and social behavioral deficits in a novel conditional BAC transgenic mouse model. For more information, please refer to the article by Tian et al. on pages 1884-1901.



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