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Volume 19 Issue 8, August 2014

How loss of LXRβ in mice induces hypomyelination due to the reduction of formation of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs) from radial glial cells (RGCs). At 6 weeks of age, loss of LXRβ induced hypomyelination as evident from increased number of demyelinated axons (examples denoted by asterisk) and loosely wrapped myelin sheaths in the corpus callosum. LXRβKO mice at P2 had fewer OPCs double-labeled with PDGFRα (green) and Olig2 (red) in the corpus callosum. Schematic model of dorsal cortex oligodendrogenesis suggests that LXRβ plays a key role in the transformation of RGCs to OPCs in the neonatal VZ/SVZ by repression of the expression of β-catenin and enhancing the expression of Olig2 transcription factors. IOs, immature oligodendrocytes; MA, mantle cells; MOs, mature oligodendrocytes; MZ, marginal zone; SVZ, subventricular zone; VZ, ventricular zone. For more info on this topic, please refer to the article by Xu et al. on pages 947–957.


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