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  • The Society for Mucosal Immunology (SMI) is pleased to announce Dr. Benjamin Marsland as the new Editor-in-Chief of Mucosal Immunology, succeeding Dr. Brian Kelsall who has stepped down after a successful 15 years leading the Mucosal Immunology editorial team. SMI would like to thank Dr. Kelsall for his commitment and dedication.

  • B cells in the mucosa: Antibody-secreting cells are recruited to the intestinal epithelium through CCR10 and α4β7, and nasal B cells produce IgE independent of germinal centers. Click on "Editor's Choice" to see these editor-highlighted articles!

  • MI now accepts "Brief Reports" for the rapid publication of cutting-edge scientific and technological advances. Manuscripts should be impactful, but might not yet have a fully delineated mechanism. Articles will undergo a rigorous, but expedited peer review process. Find out more by clicking on the link above!

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