Promotion tools


NPG provides a selection of promotion tools, including user guides, to help you promote your site license purchase to users within your institution. In addition to the tools on these pages, we can provide targeted advertising on to promote awareness of your licensed publications. For more information, please contact us at  

License provider information

Site license administrators can brand licensed content with their organization name and site license provider. Details are taken from your site license administration account, so be sure to complete these fields correctly. Text is standard for all journals, in English. Branding appears on all web pages accessible only with a site license.

Targeted banner ads

NPG can create personalized banner adverts to help you promote a trial or newly licensed publications to users within your institution. Using basic templates, we can insert your logo and text to personalize your banner ad. For more information, contact us at

E-mail Templates

Inform users at your institution about trials or newly licensed publications by sending them an e-mail. Pre-designed email templates are available for many NPG journals for you to copy and send. For more information, contact us at

E-alerts & web feeds

How to use e-alerts and web feeds.

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Download or order posters for the library

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NPG presentation

View NPG's new flash presentation.

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Download the latest information available in our product pamphlets.

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