Volume 93

  • No. 12 December 2013

    The cover image, which has been colorized for visual effects, shows lipid droplets in a mouse liver imaged by label-free coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy. For more information, see the paper by Adkins et al on page 1313, this issue.

  • No. 11 November 2013

    The cover shows a three-dimensional model of MDM2 splicing isoform MDM2-C in complex with Nutlin-3A. The protein is represented by its van der Waals surface, whereas Nutlin-3A is shown as colored sticks (C, grey; O, red; N, blue; Cl, green). For more information, see the paper by Bozzi et al on page 1232, this issue.

  • No. 10 October 2013

    The cover shows invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the rat tongue induced by 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide. For more information see the paper by Yoshida et al on page 1068, this issue.

  • No. 9 September 2013

    Cover: The cover shows infrequent apoptosis in the sham unilateral ureteric obstructionoperated kidney. For more information see the paper by Hiatt et al on page 1012, this issue.

  • No. 8 August 2013

    Cover: Remarkable and rapid progress has been made in basic and clinical research including new translational approaches of relevance to malignant melanoma. For details, see the Pathobiology in Focus article in this issue, entitled “Melanoma Genotypes and Phenotypes Get Personal,” by Pimiento et al on page 858.

  • No. 7 July 2013

    Cover: The cover shows pancreatic cancer cells co-cultured with M2-polarized tumor associated macrophages, which increases migration of the cancer cells (crystal violet stain, original magnification, × 200). For more information see the paper by Liu et al on page 844, this issue.

  • No. 6 June 2013

    The cover shows experiments indicating the effectiveness of DNA restoration from formalin-fixed paraffinembedded samples. For more information, see the paper by Hosein et al on page 701, this issue.

  • No. 5 May 2013

    Confocal dual immunofluorescence of GFAP (red) and desmin (green) of control mouse brain blood vessels, showing an intense and pointed desmin signal and strongly labeled glial processes encircling the vessel wall. For more information see the paper by Tamma et al, this issue.

  • No. 4 April 2013

    The cover shows transforming growth factor β1-induced epithelialmesenchymal transition in mouse kidney proximal tubular epithelial cells. For more information, see the paper by Tan et al on page 434, this issue.

  • No. 3 March 2013

    A conditionally replicating adenovirus armed with osteoprotegerin, an inhibitor of osteoclastogenesis, inhibits the progression of bone metastases of prostate cancer in vivo. The cover shows images generated by microcomputed tomography of the proximal tibiae of naïve SCID mice and mice with intratibial tumors that were treated with controls or the armed adenovirus. For more information, see the paper by Cody et al on page 268, this issue.

  • No. 2 February 2013

    The paper by Li et al, this issue, identifies protein markers for tissue degradation assessment. The cover shows an artistic interpretation of two-dimensional fluorescence difference gel electrophoresis analysis of 293T cells after an experimental cold ischemic time of 1 hour.

  • No. 1 January 2013

    The cover shows that sorafenib induces mitochondrial fragmentation in hepatocellular carcinoma cells. Upper panel: control; Bottom panel: sorafenib treatment. For more information see the paper by Zhao et al on page 8.