Volume 100 Issue 5, May 2020

Volume 100 Issue 5

The paper by Tsuru et al., this issue (p 738) describes how RAMP1 signaling in immune cells regulates inflammation-associated lymphangiogenesis. The cover shows lymphatic vessels in whole-mount diaphragm tissue stained with antibodies specific for Lyve-1 and mediastinal lymph nodes in the pleural cavity after injection of FITC-dextran.

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    The authors investigated the effects of castration-induced stromal remodeling and subsequent aberrant activation of epithelial–stromal interactions on reconstituted human prostate-like epithelium. They demonstrate that castration-induced stromal remodeling disrupted the reconstituted epithelial structure and induced the appearance of tenascin-C-positive fibroblasts, accompanied by activation of TGF-β signaling. The alteration of prostate stromal structure may be responsible for loss of the basement membrane and epithelial cell polarity.

    • Shinya Kajiwara
    • , Kenichiro Ishii
    • , Takeshi Sasaki
    • , Manabu Kato
    • , Kohei Nishikawa
    • , Hideki Kanda
    • , Kiminobu Arima
    • , Masatoshi Watanabe
    •  & Yoshiki Sugimura
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    The S100A4/non-muscle myosin II-related signal cascade may contribute to the establishment and maintenance of epithelial mesenchymal transition/cancer stem cell properties, along with changes in cell proliferation and migration capability. These events may be initiated in carcinomatous components in uterine carcinosarcoma and lead to divergent sarcomatous differentiation.

    • Masataka Tochimoto
    • , Yasuko Oguri
    • , Miki Hashimura
    • , Ryo Konno
    • , Toshihide Matsumoto
    • , Ako Yokoi
    • , Yoshio Kodera
    •  & Makoto Saegusa
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    Aberrant proliferation is a central hallmark of polycystic kidney diseases (PKDs) but the role of specific G1-phase cyclin-dependent kinases (Cdks) is not clear. This study shows that the kinetics of Cdk2 and Cdk2-cyclin partners do not correlate with proliferation and that the absence of Cdk2 does not alter renal cyst growth, most likely due to compensation by Cdk1. These findings therefore suggest that Cdk2 is not required for the progression of PKD.

    • Jennifer Qin Jing Zhang
    • , Jane Burgess
    • , Daria Stepanova
    • , Sayanthooran Saravanabavan
    • , Annette T. Y. Wong
    • , Philipp Kaldis
    •  & Gopala K. Rangan


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    This work examines the pathogenesis of angiotensin II (Ang-II)-induced muscle wasting. The authors show that Ang II increases NLRP3 inflammasome activation and mitochondrial reactive oxygen species generation. Additionally, PPAR-γ agonist can protect against Ang II-induced muscle wasting by preventing mitochondrial dysfunction (MtD), oxidative stress, and NLRP3 inflammasome activation. Targeting the PPAR-γ/MtD/NLRP3 inflammasome axis may therefore provide a therapeutic approach for muscle wasting.

    • Yuqing Liu
    • , Xiao Bi
    • , Yumei Zhang
    • , Yingdeng Wang
    •  & Wei Ding
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    The pathological significance of adipophilin (ADP), a primary protein component of lipid droplets, in cancer remains unclear. Here the authors show that high ADP expression in malignant melanoma is significantly associated with high proliferation and poor clinical prognosis. Cell-based assays supported the importance of ADP in tumor proliferation. They propose that ADP is a marker of aggressive melanoma with a lipogenic phenotype.

    • Masakazu Fujimoto
    • , Ibu Matsuzaki
    • , Kazuchika Nishitsuji
    • , Yuki Yamamoto
    • , Daisuke Murakami
    • , Takanori Yoshikawa
    • , Ayaka Fukui
    • , Yuuki Mori
    • , Masaru Nishino
    • , Yuichi Takahashi
    • , Yoshifumi Iwahashi
    • , Kenji Warigaya
    • , Fumiyoshi Kojima
    • , Masatoshi Jinnin
    •  & Shin-ichi Murata
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    Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) regulates inflammation through receptor activity-modifying protein 1 (RAMP1), a subunit of CGRP receptor. This study reveals that RAMP1 signaling in immune cells enhances lipopolysaccharide-induced lymphangiogenesis in the diaphragm, which contributes to improving lymphatic drainage from peritoneal fluid.

    • Seri Tsuru
    • , Yoshiya Ito
    • , Hiromi Matsuda
    • , Kanako Hosono
    • , Tomoyoshi Inoue
    • , Shuji Nakamoto
    • , Chie Kurashige
    • , Toshiaki Mishima
    • , Kazutake Tsujikawa
    • , Hirotsugu Okamoto
    •  & Masataka Majima


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    Dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder. Nax is a sodium channel that regulates inflammatory gene expression when the barrier function of the skin is disrupted. Knockdown of Nax relieves dermatitis symptoms in rabbit dermatitic skin. Nax is a novel therapeutic target for dermatitis, which currently has limited treatment options.

    • Jingling Zhao
    • , Shengxian Jia
    • , Ping Xie
    • , Emily Friedrich
    • , Robert D. Galiano
    • , Shaohai Qi
    • , Renxiang Mao
    • , Thomas A. Mustoe
    •  & Seok Jong Hong


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    The present study demonstrates that injury site macrophage-derived neurotrophin-3 is important for promoting the formation of heterotopic ossification in injured Achilles tendons in rats, as it induces bone/cartilage-related gene expression for endochondral ossification in vivo. Neurotrophin-3 also augments osteogenesis of TDSCs through activation of ERK1/2 and PI3K/Akt signaling pathways in vitro.

    • Jie Zhang
    • , Liang Wang
    • , Jun Chu
    • , Xiang Ao
    • , Tao Jiang
    • , Bin Yan
    • , Minjun Huang
    •  & Zhongmin Zhang
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    The authors have demonstrated an important new role of protein O-GlcNAcylation in regulating pancreatic cancer TRAIL resistance; and uncovered the contribution of O-GlcNAcylation to TRAIL activation-induced oligomerization of death receptor 5 and apoptosis signaling. These findings support the potential use of O-GlcNAcylation inhibitors to enhance efficacy of TRAIL therapy.

    • Shan-zhong Yang
    • , Fei Xu
    • , Kaiyu Yuan
    • , Yong Sun
    • , Tong Zhou
    • , Xinyang Zhao
    • , Jay M. McDonald
    •  & Yabing Chen