About the Partner

The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) has been the global leader in pathology education for more than a century and continues to set the gold standard for creating better pathologists. It’s primary strategic initiative is education with the objective of improving patient care and outcomes. Education has been transported by USCAP from the ordinary to the imaginative. By embracing digital technology and innovative thinking, the Academy has created a unique interactive learning center in Palm Springs, California with a broadcast studio and conference theater, two 18-head teaching microscopes, high definition digital cameras programmed with telepathology software and capacity for global outreach through streaming and transmission of high definition microscopic images on Facebook Live. Video segments with graphics, animations and high resolution images represent digital educational assets and complementary enhancements to online journals. Social media is a priority and the 2017 Annual Meeting generated 57,961,676 Tweet Impressions. USCAP’s creative team, KAMPROD, has enhanced the aesthetic design of Modern Pathology and Laboratory Investigation to forward the USCAP brand. USCAP leadership, editors, and publications committee members meet annually with staff of Springer Nature on Development Day to ensure the progress and success of the journals in our collaborative commitment to information transfer.