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    Polarization-second harmonic microscopy was utilized to investigate whether collagen ultrastructure in thyroid due to four carcinoma types and Graves’ disease could be differentiated in human histopathology samples. Three parameters were extracted, revealing that the degree of linear polarization and χ(2)zzz/χ(2)zxx were effective in differentiating some diseases, while the parameter χ(2)xyz/χ(2)zxx was less effective.

    • Danielle Tokarz
    • , Richard Cisek
    • , Ariana Joseph
    • , Sylvia L. Asa
    • , Brian C. Wilson
    •  & Virginijus Barzda
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    This study demonstrates that small clusters (sCLs) of tumor cells with high expression of LGR5 continuously form in the invasive front in a colorectal cancer xenograft model. This structure is characterized by stress response and partial/hybrid epithelial-mesenchymal transition. These sCLs are an important contributor to tumor growth and the expansion of cancer stem cells.

    • Masaki Yamazaki
    • , Atsuhiko Kato
    • , Eiji Oki
    • , Yoko Zaitsu
    • , Chie Kato
    • , Kiyotaka Nakano
    • , Miho Nakamura
    • , Takuya Sakomura
    • , Shigeto Kawai
    • , Etsuko Fujii
    • , Noriaki Sawada
    • , Takeshi Watanabe
    • , Hiroshi Saeki
    •  & Masami Suzuki
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    Overexpression of pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF) in placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cells (PD-MSCs) improved the mitochondrial activities, and induced regeneration of oxidative stress-damaged RPE through regulating oxidative status and mitochondrial biogenesis. Therefore, genetic modification of PD-MSCs with PEDF might be a new cell therapy for treatment of retinal degenerative diseases.

    • Jae Yeon Kim
    • , Sohae Park
    • , So Hyun Park
    • , Dongsook Lee
    • , Gyu Hyun Kim
    • , Jung Eun Noh
    • , Kea Joo Lee
    •  & Gi Jin Kim
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    Combination of antihypertensive drugs with NSAID analgesics may cause a syndrome called triple whammy (TW) acute kidney injury (AKI), most often in the elderly. A rat model reveals that the TW-AKI is a prerenal form of AKI, only occurring in previously dehydrated rats, a condition particularly rife among the aged.

    • Laura Prieto-García
    • , Laura Vicente-Vicente
    • , Víctor Blanco-Gozalo
    • , Omar Hidalgo-Thomas
    • , María C. García-Macías
    • , Armin Kurtz
    • , Anita T. Layton
    • , Ana B. Sanz
    • , Ana I. Morales
    • , Carlos Martínez-Salgado
    • , Miguel Pericacho
    • , Sandra M. Sancho-Martínez
    •  & Francisco J. López-Hernández
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    In this study, the authors assess the early pathogenesis of cystic fibrosis (CF) pig gallbladder disease. The CF pig gallbladder epithelium lacks cAMP-stimulated anion and fluid transport. CF pig gallbladders also demonstrate increased luminal mucins MUC5AC and MUC5B accumulation without significant changes in the epithelial expression of gel-forming mucins compared to non-CF pigs.

    • Keyan Zarei
    • , Mallory R. Stroik
    • , Nick D. Gansemer
    • , Andrew L. Thurman
    • , Lynda S. Ostedgaard
    • , Sarah E. Ernst
    • , Ian M. Thornell
    • , Linda S. Powers
    • , Alejandro A. Pezzulo
    • , David K. Meyerholz
    •  & David A. Stoltz
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    The authors investigated the role of extracellular cold-inducible RNA-binding protein (eCIRP) in acute pancreatitis (AP) and found that eCIRP acts as a potent regulator of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) formation in AP. They observed that eCIRP itself is one of the NETs associated proteins. Furthermore, they demonstrate that C23 (a potent eCIRP inhibitor) reduces NETs formation and inflammation in AP.

    • Johan Linders
    • , Raed Madhi
    • , Milladur Rahman
    • , Matthias Mörgelin
    • , Sara Regner
    • , Max Brenner
    • , Ping Wang
    •  & Henrik Thorlacius

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