Volume 53

  • No. 2 February 2024

    3D printing of a murine MRI platform

    Positioning and maintaining small animals for imaging over time requires a means to secure the head, maintain the animal's body temperature and facilitate delivery of anesthesia if needed. A new Article describes an open-source, customizable 3D printable cradle design that can be used for brain imaging in awake mice and anesthetized mice and rats.

    See Yaghmazadeh et al.

  • No. 1 January 2024

    The PREMISE database of Macaca Fascicularis PET/MRI brain imaging

    Nonhuman primate neuroimaging is a rapidly growing and extremely promising area of neuroscience research that suffers from a lack of data. Neuroimaging database sharing can accelerate research in this field, while limiting the number of animals used. A new Article presents The PREMISE database, a PET/MR dataset of Macaca Fascicularis brain images structured according to BIDS standards and available for researchers.

    See Becker et al.