Volume 47 Issue 11, November 2018

Volume 47 Issue 11

Bacteria and the bee

Honey bees don’t just make honey and help pollinate crops—they’re important lab animals too. The honey bee has been used as a model organism to study social behavior, aging, development, and more, and it’s on its way to becoming a model of the gut microbiota now too.

See Zheng et al.

Image: Bee: Olga Nefedova / iStock / Getty Images Plus. Enterobacteriaceae bacteria: KTSDESIGN/ SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/ Getty. Other bacteria: KATERYNA KON/ SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/ Getty. Cover design: Erin Dewalt

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Protocol Review

Technology Feature

  • Technology Feature |

    In vivo bioluminescence imaging offers a non-invasive look inside the body. Its future looks bright.

    • Michael Eisenstein


Research Highlights

Review Articles

  • Review Article |

    In this article, Dr. Nancy Moran and coworkers present the use of honey bees as models for gastrointestinal research. They compare and contrast the honey bee with humans and other insects in order to present a balanced perspective of the model.

    • Hao Zheng
    • , Margaret I. Steele
    • , Sean P. Leonard
    • , Erick V. S. Motta
    •  & Nancy A. Moran

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