Volume 47 Issue 10, October 2018

Volume 47 Issue 10

Integrating Databases

The Alliance Genome Database represents the combination of information from six different organisms, including worms, flies, yeast, zebrafish, mouse, and rat. With the integration of these data, biologists can more easily explore their own results.

See Howe et al.

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Protocol Review



  • Comment |

    A recap from the latest “Q&A with the USDA” webinar addressing the USDA Tech Note on Incentives and updates to the Animal Welfare Inspection Guide.

    • B. Taylor Bennett
    •  & Matthew R. Bailey

Technology Feature

  • Technology Feature |

    Why handle a mouse if your experiment can be done from the comfort of its home cage?

    • Ellen P. Neff


Research Highlights


  • Perspective |

    Authors present the Alliance of Genome Resources Database as an integration of data from six different model species. Current implementation of the database and future challenges are discussed.

    • Douglas G. Howe
    • , Judith A. Blake
    • , Yvonne M. Bradford
    • , Carol J. Bult
    • , Brian R. Calvi
    • , Stacia R. Engel
    • , James A. Kadin
    • , Thomas C. Kaufman
    • , Ranjana Kishore
    • , Stanley J. F. Laulederkind
    • , Suzanna E. Lewis
    • , Sierra A. T. Moxon
    • , Joel E. Richardson
    •  & Cynthia Smith

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