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    Image: Erin Dewalt
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    Lab Animal presents a series of commissioned articles that address topics in disease models, reproducibility and translation ranging from the role of the gut microbiome to the business practices of mouse model sharing. Seeking ways to improve predictive validity is the thread that binds the diverse views in this special collection. Cover design by Erin Dewalt.

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    In June 2013, the Spanish Society for Laboratory Animal Sciences (SECAL) hosted the 12th Congress of the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA) in Barcelona, Spain. The Congress was the largest laboratory animal science meeting in Europe, bringing together more than 1,900 attendees from 53 countries to focus on the theme “Better Science from Fewer Animals.” In this Focus, Lab Animal presents selections from the 12th FELASA SECAL Congress. Produced with support from IDEXX BioResearch.

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    In October 2012, Superstorm Sandy swept from the Caribbean Sea along the Atlantic coast of the US, costing >250 lives and an estimated $66 billion in damages, causing widespread power outages, flooding, structural damage and transportation shut-downs. In the wake of this and other disasters, facilities of all kinds are revisiting their emergency preparations and response plans. Animal facilities face unique challenges in disaster preparedness. To help address these challenges, Lab Animal presents this Focus on disaster preparedness for animal facilities.