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  • A potential new method for non-invasively monitoring physiological parameters in small animals takes advantage of radio frequency near-field coherent sensing technology

    • Paulin Jirkof
    • Petra Seebeck
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  • A unique paradigm to investigate the intersection between memory, pain, and stress reveals new details about the processes that underlie pain memory. In both mice and men, males seem more susceptible.

    • Zoë Dworsky-Fried
    • Anna M. W. Taylor
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  • There are a number of genetic factors that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease in people. A new mouse model attempts to better capture that variability.

    • Katherine R. Sadleir
    • Robert Vassar
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  • A new study systematically assesses cage enrichment and its effect on mouse welfare and experimental variability.

    • Christopher Cheleuitte-Nieves
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