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LabAnimal is a Nature Research journal covering in vivo science & technology using model organisms of human health and disease. 

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  • Protocol |

    This protocol describes the different steps to establish a murine model of restenosis after angioplasty of a stenotic arteriovenous fistula (AVF), including a detailed description of the partial nephrectomy procedure to induce chronic kidney disease, the AVF procedure for development of de novo stenosis and the angioplasty treatment associated with progression of restenosis.

    • Chuanqi Cai
    • , Chenglei Zhao
    • , Sreenivasulu Kilari
    • , Amit Sharma
    • , Avishek K. Singh
    • , Michael L. Simeon
    • , Avanish Misra
    • , Yiqing Li
    •  & Sanjay Misra
  • Article |

    Continuous motion monitoring sensitively predicts terminal endpoint in a mouse model of ovarian cancer; the use of motion metrics could reduce animal suffering and be valuable for drug efficacy testing.

    • Chibueze D. Nwagwu
    • , Erwin Defensor
    • , Michael Y. Jiang
    • , Danelle A. Rolle-McFarland
    • , Anne-Marie E. Carbonell
    •  & W. Shawn Carbonell
  • Review Article |

    This Review discusses the strengths of the zebrafish model for microbiome research, and highlights important insights gleaned from observational and manipulative microbiome studies in zebrafish.

    • Keaton Stagaman
    • , Thomas J. Sharpton
    •  & Karen Guillemin
  • Protocol |

    Goblet cell–associated antigen passages can deliver luminal substances to antigen-presenting cells to induce antigen-specific T cell responses. This protocol describes how to identify and quantify intestinal epithelial cells that have the capacity to take up luminal substances, by intraluminal injection of fluorescent dextran, tissue sectioning for slide preparation and imaging with fluorescence microscopy.

    • Kathryn A. Knoop
    • , Devesha H. Kulkarni
    • , Keely G. McDonald
    • , Jenny K. Gustafsson
    • , Jazmyne E. Davis
    • , Alexandria N. Floyd
    •  & Rodney D. Newberry

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