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LabAnimal is a Nature Research journal covering in vivo science & technology using model organisms of human health and disease. 

Latest Research

  • Review Article |

    Treatment for bacterial sepsis remains limited beyond the use of antibiotics. Lingye Chen, Karen Welty-Wolf, and Bryan Kraft review nonhuman primate models of sepsis and highlight their advantages and limitations compared to other preclinical models.

    • Lingye Chen
    • , Karen E. Welty-Wolf
    •  & Bryan D. Kraft
  • Review Article |

    In this article, Dr. Nancy Moran and coworkers present the use of honey bees as models for gastrointestinal research. They compare and contrast the honey bee with humans and other insects in order to present a balanced perspective of the model.

    • Hao Zheng
    • , Margaret I. Steele
    • , Sean P. Leonard
    • , Erick V. S. Motta
    •  & Nancy A. Moran
  • Perspective |

    Authors present the Alliance of Genome Resources Database as an integration of data from six different model species. Current implementation of the database and future challenges are discussed.

    • Douglas G. Howe
    • , Judith A. Blake
    • , Yvonne M. Bradford
    • , Carol J. Bult
    • , Brian R. Calvi
    • , Stacia R. Engel
    • , James A. Kadin
    • , Thomas C. Kaufman
    • , Ranjana Kishore
    • , Stanley J. F. Laulederkind
    • , Suzanna E. Lewis
    • , Sierra A. T. Moxon
    • , Joel E. Richardson
    •  & Cynthia Smith

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