Call for Papers: Exposomics Using Non-Targeted Analysis

Exposomics is the study of all exposures over the course of a lifetime, including chemical and non-chemical, intentional and not. Targeted analytical techniques are a poor match for such “all exposures” as they are limited to a narrow chemical space. Non-targeted analysis (NTA) techniques provide a wider potential chemical space, with a goal to identify all chemicals in a sample. NTA science continues to evolve through harmonization of methods and approaches, standard setting, performance benchmarking, and development of analytical and computational tools and databases. Such efforts increase the confidence in and usability of NTA data for regulatory and epidemiology applications. Application of mass spectrometry coupled with separation techniques to solve environmental, health, consumer product, food, and forensic problems via NTA is rapidly increasing.

Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology (JESEE) publishes research that integrates exposure knowledge with information from across scientific disciplines to contribute solutions for the most pressing environmental and public health concerns. 

As such, the Special Topic Editors, Drs. Elin Ulrich and Benjamin Place, would like to invite submissions for a forthcoming special issue on Exposomics Using Non-Targeted Analysis.

Submissions should focus on the understanding and use of non-targeted analysis for exposomic research: studying environmental exposures and/or their effects on development, health, and disease. All authors and reviewers for this special topic are encouraged to use the non-targeted analysis study reporting tool for the evaluation of the submitted NTA studies.

JESEE special focus issues are collections of articles on key topics identified by the editors. Articles are published online as they are accepted. Submission does not guarantee acceptance and all manuscripts will be privy to editorial discretion and peer review. For pre-submission inquiries, please contact the journal editorial office at

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