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  • Proansamycin B derivatives from the post-PKS modification gene deletion mutant of Amycolatopsis mediterranei S699

    Capability of a large bacterial artificial chromosome clone harboring multiple biosynthetic gene clusters for the production of diverse compounds

    Correlation between the spread of IMP-producing bacteria and the promoter strength of blaIMP genes

  • The October 2021 special issue of The Journal of Antibiotics “Approach toward molecular targeted therapy for cancer using microbial products” focuses on microbial secondary metabolites targeting molecules or signal transduction systems related to cancer development. We would like to thank Profs. Masaya Imoto and Manabu Kawada, the coordinators of this special issue.

  • The October 2020 special issue of The Journal of Antibiotics “Secondary Metabolites from Mushrooms” focuses on the compounds produced by mushrooms or cultured mycelia of mushrooms. We are extremely grateful to all the researchers for their diligence in contributing their work during the unprecedented time of the coronavirus pandemic. Coordinators: Profs. Timm Anke and Kazuro Shiomi.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) publishes annual updates to new antibacterials in the pipeline. There is a call to submit the information on your lead traditional and non-traditional molecules. Building awareness about your antibacterial discovery program is of great value to you and the scientific community. The call is open until 17 April 2023. Please click here to submit your information.