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Publishing the latest research in microbial ecology, spanning the breadth of microbial life including bacteria, archaea, microbial eukaryotes, and viruses.  


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    The ISME Journal will be published by Oxford University Press from 1st January 2024. Visit the journal homepage here.

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    Each year the Editors in Chief recognize a selection of articles for their outstanding quality and impact. We hope you enjoy reading the articles that received the highest accolade in this collection.

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    The ISME Journal 2022 Outstanding Board Member Awards

    The Editors-in-Chief wish to extend their congratulations to the following top three outstanding Editorial Board members, for their consistent hard work in offering a high number of quality reviews in a timely manner in 2022:

    Trinity Hamilton

    David Johnson

    Mamoru Oshiki

    Each receives an Open Access waiver for their next article and a one-year membership to ISME.
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Editors' Choice

Our Editors-in-Chief are delighted to share with you a selection of key papers from each issue that highlight some of the best research published in The ISME Journal. These papers showcase the breadth of scope and coverage the journal consistently delivers to its readers. Editors Choice articles will be freely accessible for the month of the issue in which they feature.