Where I Work is an award-winning photography feature from the journal Nature. It celebrates the many roles and types of research undertaken by scientists globally, and challenges stereotypical perceptions of what a scientist does and what they look like.

A selection of the portraits is now on display as a free outdoor exhibition across King’s Cross, London.

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Where I Work was launched by senior Careers editor Karen Kaplan, whose fearsome editing and enthusiasm brought the section to life. This exhibition is dedicated to Karen, who died in 2023.

Zahra Ronizi wears a space suit in a cave meant to simulate what living on Mars may be like.

The astronaut

Seventeen-year-old Zahra Ronizi jump-started her dream of becoming an astronaut and going to Mars by joining a simulated mission in a Spanish cave as a crew biologist.

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Fernando Calderón-Gutiérrez, an underwater cave ecologist, dives and studies the organisms in the coastal caves of Mexico.

The cave diver

Cave ecologist Fernando Calderón Gutiérrez is studying the resilience of cave-adapted species in the face of climate change and other stressors.

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Yuhan Hu in Cornell University's Robotics Laboratory, creating human-robot social interaction models with tactile features.

The robot teacher

By creating a better sense of touch, Yuhan Hu hopes to develop social robots — which could bring humans and technology closer together.

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Damain Cohall stands by a native plant in Barbados.

The medic

Damian Cohall’s studies of traditional medicine have sprouted new ideas for diabetes treatment and cross-Atlantic collaboration.

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Eletra de Souza uses a snake hook to handle a specimen of venomous snake in her lab.

The snake charmer

Eletra de Souza’s research aims to help decrease lethal snake strikes in Brazil.

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Cliff Kapono on his surfboard testing the water with a measuring tool.

The surfer dude

Analytical chemist and avid surfer Cliff Kapono takes to his board to study the health of coral reefs off the coast of Hawaii.

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Sara Abdou picks a flower with large tweezers

The colourist

Biotechnologist Sara Abdou explores the genetics that regulate colour in ornamental flowers.

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Jesús Rodríguez, wearing a white lab coat, works with liquids in conical flasks.

The composter

Bioprocess engineer Jesús E. Rodríguez’s team dreams of replacing all synthetic plastics with biodegradable products.

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Portrait of Chao-Yang Lu with his protoype Jiuzhang quantum computer.

The bright spark

Quantum physicist Chao-Yang Lu develops superfast computers that rely on the curious collisions of single particles of light.

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Portrait of Sofia Qvarfort, quantum physicist working on optomechanics and gravity sensing in her office at UCL.

The theoretical physicist

Insight is more important than vision when working in theoretical physics, says Sofia Qvarfort.

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Castelblanco-Martinez sits partially submerged in water, wearing a blue wetsuit whilst interacting with a manatee.

The manatee champion

Nataly Castelblanco Martínez works to raise awareness of the perils faced by the much-loved marine mammals.

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Brother Guy Consolmagno looking through the Vatican’s historic telescope.

The Pope’s astronomer

Around 100 active scientists have collaborated with the Vatican Observatory, says Brother Guy Consolmagno, its director.

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Antonella Leone swims next to a jellyfish.

The jellyfish hunter

Antonella Leone catches jellyfish off the coast of Italy to study them as potential sources of medicine and food.

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Tom Cameron sitting in a boat off the coast of Essex, UK, watching a digger on a nearby barge drop stone and shell into the sea

The oyster farmer

Tom Cameron works with local people to restore native oysters to their natural habitat in the United Kingdom.

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Cristina Cuiabália stands on top of a water truck riding through the Pantanal wetlands

The firefighter

Biologist Cristina Cuiabália Neves and her team are dedicated to maintaining a nature reserve that is home to many endangered and threatened species.

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Dorothy Okello with her students learning STEM projects on computers

The electrical engineer

Dorothy Okello teaches computing to displaced people, and launches programmes to get more women into science, technology and business.

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Maria Josefa Verdugo in polar outfit holds up an ice core

The driller

Maria Josefa Verdugo ships into the bitter cold of far-northern waters to measure ice-core properties as part of a year-round climate project.

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Brighton Samatanga working in his lab with a colleague wearing white lab coats and face masks.

The editor

Molecular biophysicist Brighton Samatanga hopes to develop crops resistant to drought and pests.

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Amie Fornah Sankoh sat in front of a tray of plants using a syringe to inject a virus into one of the leaves

The interpreter

Amie Fornah Sankoh studies how viruses commandeer plant communication at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.

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Lucas van der Zee wears sunglasses while carrying out an experiment under bright pink lighting

The fruit farmer

Lucas van der Zee hopes to restore current farmland to its natural state by eliminating the vegetation stage of crop-growing.

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Gerdhard Jessen in the Atacama desert, South America, measuring the temperature of a fumarole.

The extreme ecologist

Gerdhard Jessen studies how climate change might affect microorganisms in deserts, hot springs and hydrothermal vents.

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Martyn Poliakoff stands at the entrance to his office wearing a colourful cape and tie decorated with scientific symbols.

The playful chemist

Martyn Poliakoff’s toys, puzzles and periodic-table-themed curios help him to lighten up and boost his creative thinking.

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Christopher Wilson near Murray Bridge along the River Murray in Australia

The historian

Aboriginal archaeologist Chris Wilson retraces the steps of the Ngarrindjeri people in South Australia.

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Gladys Ngetich, wearing a blue dress, sits in front of a large jet engine.

The jet engineer

Gladys Ngetich spends time with a deafening experimental rig as part of her PhD to improve jet engine turbines.

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Carla Daniel on the beach in Barbados, measuring a turtle's shell while the turtle is nesting, in June 2021.

The turtle rescuer

Carla Daniel runs overnight conservation activities for hawksbill turtles in Barbados.

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Engineer Sofia Polo taking water samples while in a canoe

The water marshal

Engineer Sofia Polo keeps the city’s water supply clean by managing storm runoff and tracking pollutants from roofs, car parks and fertilizers.

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Rory Hodd stands amongst trees, ferns and rocks looking through a small magnifying glass at a sample of moss

The moss surveyor

A rainforest in southwest Ireland offers Rory Hodd the chance to discover unusual specimens of ferns and other flora.

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Abdulrahman Bamerni collecting some rock samples.

The defiant geologist

Abdulrahman Bamerni is working to understand Iraq’s ancient geology to avenge himself against the terrorists who put a target on his back.

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Rose Marks stands in front of a cliff face with abseiling ropes and a notebook and pen attached.

The rock climber

Rose A. Marks abseils down South African cliffs to understand how the ‘resurrection’ plant stays alive for years during droughts.

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Hemu Kafle checks on one of the low-cost meteorological stations on the roof of the the Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences

The builder

With no research institute in Nepal equipped to support her work on drought, Hemu Kafle created one.

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Sthabile Kolwa in front of the MeerKAT (Karoo Array Telescope) radio telescope at Meerkat National Park, Karoo Hoogland, Northern Cape, South Africa.

The stargazer

Sthabile Kolwa uses data from South Africa’s MeerKAT telescope to shed light on black holes and how the Universe evolves.

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Indigenous ecologist Jennifer Grenz searches for invasive plants in a salt marsh during low tide in the Cowichan Estuary on Vancouver Island, Canada.

The Indigenous ecologist

Jennifer Grenz abandons colonial restoration dogma to reshape land systems according to community needs in Canada.

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Richmond Sarpong preparing to work in a University of California, Berkeley chemistry laboratory.

The medicine maker

Richmond Sarpong uses a nitrogen-filled glovebox to conduct hazardous experiments.

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Steven Lai at his lab at National Cheng Kung University

The underwater landscaper

Steven Yueh Jen Lai rebuilt his entire lab to model how water forms and shapes underwater canyons.

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Workers wearing white protective suits in a clean room at the JPL NASA lab

The Martian

Engineer and roboticist Zach Ousnamer is helping to prepare NASA’s Perseverance rover for its launch to the red planet.

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Gianluca Torta sits in a junk yard on a pile of crushed cars.

The dumpster diver

PhD student Gianluca Torta contributes to green recycling by extracting rare-earth metals from industrial landfill for reuse in electric motors.

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Laura Aiudi, marine biologist on a trawler off Cesenatico's coast, testing the turtle excluder modified net.

The ethical fisher

Marine biologist Laura Aiudi is working on a net that saves the lives of endangered species — but still protects the livelihood of fishers.

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Jukka Pätynen stands next to a loudspeaker in front of two walls covered in white acoustic panelling.

The listener

Acoustician Jukka Pätynen designs both performance venues and research laboratories.

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Najat Saliba stands in a wood near the municipality of Btkhenay.

The collaborator

Najat Saliba pairs global researchers with local communities in Lebanon to improve air quality.

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Juan Carlos Jimenez Castellanos, wearing a white lab coat, stands in a laboratory holding a pipette and sample tray.

The protein chemist

Juan-Carlos Jiménez Castellanos works to understand the drivers of antibiotic resistance.

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Richard Robertson checks the Soufrière Monitoring Unit, St. Vincent, which provides information on Caribbean geologic hazards.

The volcanologist

Richard Robertson’s personal history prompted him to monitor seismic activity across the Lesser Antilles islands in the Caribbean.

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Bhathiya Gopallawa in his lab holding a preserved specimen of a newly discovered orchid in a jar

The taxonomist

Bhathiya Gopallawa tapped into a network of Sri Lankan researchers to unearth a rare discovery in the tropical forest.

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Microbiologist Karen Lloyd sampling subsurface-derived fluids in northern Chile.

The microbial detective

Geomicrobiologist Karen Lloyd explores the roles of microorganisms that dwell in the planet’s most remote regions.

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Arianna Traviglia examines the pigments of frescoes in the 'House of the Painters at Work', Pompeii.

The fresco restorer

Cultural and heritage researcher Arianna Traviglia uses a robot to painstakingly reconstruct 2,000-year-old mural paintings in Pompeii.

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Ana Saenz García tends her indoor hop plants

The brewer

Ana Saez García uses hydroponics to grow hops using barely any soil and to boost yield sustainably.

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Pamela Yeh looks through binoculars as she & her students study dark-eyed juncos on the UCLA campus

The birdwatcher

A population of sparrows that migrated to an urban habitat inspires evolutionary biologist Pamela Yeh.

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Sheila Rowan stands reflected in a mirror

The celestial physicist

Experimental physicist Sheila Rowan works with laser beams and suspended mirrors to sharpen detection of collapsing stars and other celestial events.

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Paul Nurse stands in an office walkway surrounded by metal piping and large glass panels.

The local leader

Paul Nurse, director of the Francis Crick Institute in London, likes to think amid the hustle and bustle of the institute’s bright and lively atrium.

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Douglas Russell stands in an archive corridor with many open draws displaying samples of bird's eggs and nests.

The curator

Douglas Russell catalogues and maintains specimens that offer a glimpse into the breeding behaviours of birds at the Natural History Museum.

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Rebecca Struthers at a workbench covered in tools in her workshop inspects a golden watch with a magnifying eyeglass

The timekeeper

The only independent female watchmaker in the United Kingdom, Rebecca Struthers restores and repairs vintage watches using traditional techniques.

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