The Spinoff Prize

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Illustration by Sam Falconer.

Illustration by Sam Falconer.


Applications are now open

We are pleased to announce that applications for the Spinoff Prize 2024 are now open. The application window will close on the 31st December 2023 (11:59 pm UTC 00:00). The winner will be announced at the Curious2024 – Future Insight™ conference.

SanaHeal wins the 2023 Spinoff Prize

On 21st June 2023 we completed the slam event and the judges selected SanaHeal as the 2023 winner.

Sue Sundstrom, chief judge commented “For SanaHeal the judges appreciated the elegance of their solution, inspired by nature (the barnacle) which has the potential to revolutionise treatment for a major cause of death worldwide - haemorrhage. In addition the judges appreciated the quality of their presentation and the expert and concise way that Hyunwoo Yuk answered a wide range of questions. Hyunwoo set out the problem very well and provided evidence from clinicians and others that SanaHeal's solution, based on state of the art science published in Nature, should address the problem. Hyunwoo Yuk said “It was a truly enjoyable and educational experience to participate in the Spinoff Prize, helping us clarify our goal and commercialization plan as well as reminding our original passion that made us spinoff from the university lab to bring our technology to the real world. The recognition and award from the Spinoff Prize will help us to achieve the next commercialization milestones to make one more step closer to our ultimate goal of commercialization and benefiting patients."

A special commendation was also given to Jupiter Ionics by the judges. They noted it was “a practical scientific advance which will create an impact effecting everyone on the planet.”

You can watch the slam, guest speaker and results here.