The Global Grants for Gut Health

Grants for researchers investigating the gut microbiota and its role in human health

Illustration of the bacteria.

Applications are now open

The Global Grants for Gut Health is a competitive programme for investigator-initiated research into the human gut microbiota, supported by Yakult and Nature Portfolio.

The Global Grants for Gut Health will consider proposals for one-year research projects – whether laboratory investigations or clinical studies – that advance understanding of the mechanisms by which gut microbiota have an impact on human health.

For many years now, microbiology researchers have explored the role gut bacteria play in human health. However, the human gut is home to a rich ecosystem of microbial and non-microbial components with multiple complex interactions.  A better understanding of these interactions is one vital component in completing our picture of the role of the human gut microbiome in human health and breakthroughs could be an important key to making an impact on human lives.

The new Global Grants for Gut Health call for applications in 2024 is seeking research proposals to explore beyond the bacterial microbiome, to elucidate mechanisms of interaction between the host, the non-bacterial and bacterial microbiome in the gut.

Key dates

10th June 2024

Launch date

9th September 2024

Close date

November 2024

Application assessment

December 2024

Successful applicants notified