Milestones | 18 June 2019

Milestones in human microbiota research


A field is born

Despite being considered by many as a relatively modern field of research, the first descriptions of human-associated microbiota date back to the 1670s–1680s, when Antonie van Leeuwenhoek started using his newly developed, handcrafted microscopes. In this Foreword, we highlight the foundations of the field.Read more

Leeuwenhoek microscope Tetra Images / Alamy Stock Photo

The origins of human microbiota research

Research into human-associated microbiota has come a long way since Antonie van Leeuwenhoek first began to study microorganisms back in the 17th century. What advances allowed researchers to move from seeing single cells to studying complex microbial communities? In this audio, we hear from microbiologist David Relman, who spoke with Anand Jagatia.

The future of research on human-associated microbiota

Where is microbiota research headed? What needs to be done for this field to live up to its promise? In a roundtable discussion, Anand Jagatia puts these questions to Rochellys Heijtz, Jennifer Wargo and Eran Elinav, three researchers at the cutting-edge of the discipline.

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