Do you really know the way the world is heading? Take this quiz on plans to save humanity.

The United Nations has ambitious aims to end poverty and clean up the planet by 2030. See whether you know how the world is faring on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Stylized illustration showing a 3D ring with 17 segments. Each segment features organic plant shapes and data visualisation elements.

Jasiek Krzysztofiak/Nature

Jasiek Krzysztofiak/Nature

In September 2015, representatives of 193 nations met in New York City to tackle the globe’s biggest problems. They broke these down into 169 targets under 17 broad goals, such as ending hunger and poverty, cleaning up the environment and providing health care for all — and made the ambitious pledge to achieve these goals by 2030. We’re now halfway towards that mark: how close is the world to reaching the targets? Test your knowledge of these crucial issues by taking this quiz, which explores progress on eight of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sources: UN & Our World in Data

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