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Aims and scope
IJIR: Your Sexual Medicine Journal addresses sexual medicine for all sexes and genders as an interdisciplinary field. This includes work from basic science researchers, urologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, family practitioners, internists, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, radiologists and other physical and mental health care professionals. It also includes work from gender and sexuality researchers, sex therapists, and others with scholarly expertise in human sexuality and sexual well-being. Areas of interest include:


  • Design and methodology of clinical trials of human sexual function and dysfunction across categories of sex and gender
  • Psychological assessment of sexual function and dysfunction
  • History, case studies, and physical examination of human sexual function and dysfunction
  • Diagnostic testing: vascular, neurologic, endocrinologic, anatomic, psychologic, nocturnal arousal, genital tissue biopsy, etc.


  • Primary care perspective in the treatment of human sexual function and dysfunction across categories of sex and gender
  • Modification of reversible causes of sexual dysfunction
  • Sex steroid therapies for sexual dysfunction
  • Vacuum devices for sexual dysfunction
  • Psychotherapy in the treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • Oral vasoactive agents for the treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • Topical treatment for sexual dysfunction
  • Intra-urethral and intracavernosal therapy for erectile dysfunction
  • Reconstructive surgeries for genital repair following injury
  • Penile prosthesis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Microvascular arterial bypass surgery/Venous leak surgery for erectile dysfunction

Basic science:

  • History of sexual function and dysfunction
  • Epidemiology of human sexual function and dysfunction
  • Anatomy (gross and microscopic) of sexual function and dysfunction
  • Animal models used in the study of sexual function and dysfunction
  • Vascular physiology of genital arousal
  • Neurophysiology of sexual function
  • Central nervous system control of sexual function
  • Endocrinology of sexual function
  • Molecular biologic studies in sexual function
  • Pharmacologic studies in sexual function
  • Risk factors for sexual dysfunction
  • Iatrogenic sexual dysfunction

Special problems:

  • Peyronie's disease of tunica albuginea (penile and clitoral)
  • Priapism of penis and clitoris
  • Diabetes mellitus and sexual dysfunction
  • Chronic renal failure and sexual dysfunction
  • Spinal cord injury and sexual dysfunction
  • Blunt trauma and sexual dysfunction
  • Pelvic cancer treatments and sexual dysfunction
  • Causes and treatment of ejaculatory/orgasmic disorders
  • Causes and treatment of sexual pain disorders
  • Gene modification and therapy
  • Genital lengthening/size change surgery

IJIR: Your Sexual Medicine Journal covers a range of subject areas, to read content across the scope of the journal view the journal's subjects page here.

6 issues per year

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Article page views - 512,000
Altmetric mentions - 1,633

The 2019 journal metrics* for IJIRYour Sexual Medicine Journal are as follows:

2-year Impact Factor: 1.388
5-year Impact Factor: 1.474
Immediacy index: 0.914
Eigenfactor® score: 0.00096
Article influence score: 0.327
SNIP: 0.843
SJR: 0.418

*2019 Journal Citation Reports® Science Edition (Clarivate Analytics, 2020)

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