Call for papers: Horticultural plant genomes II

The rapid development and application of sequencing technologies and bioinformatics have enabled scientists to investigate numerous and diverse aspects of plant genomes with unprecedented resolution. The plant genome community has largely focused on developing single reference genome resources in the past two decades. Horticulture Research has proudly published many of these reference genomes in recent years. This Phase II “Horticultural Plant Genomes” calls for papers in the following three areas:

1. Pan-genomes of cultivated horticultural crops and their wild/alien relatives. These papers will focus on pan-genomes of one species with sufficient number of representative accessions or pan-genomes combined with hundreds to thousands of accessions, along with wild and alien relatives.

2. Multi-species genomes within genera and clades. These will focus on parallel sequencing and analyses of genomes of entire genera or clades of a genera, prioritizing plants of horticultural importance. This will allow broad and in-depth understanding of the evolutionary history of a clade and genera, including ploidy, structural evolution and domestication of the shared traits. At least two unpublished reference genomes or at least three draft genomes from distinct species will be required, along with transcriptomes and other omics data.

3. -Omics re-analysis. The availability of a huge number of genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes, and metabolomes across the plant kingdom allows us to take a holistic approach to survey the data from a new perspective, a new angle and/or analyzed by new tools. These papers should focus on issues that are broadly relevant to sciences and traits of horticultural crops. The broad data set must include horticultural crop omics data.  

The deadline for submission is September 30, 2021. Please select the “Hort Genome II” button when submitting your manuscript.