About the Editor

Issei Imoto, Editor-in-Chief  (January 2020-) 

Dr. Issei Imoto has been engaged in genomic and epigenomic analyses of human cancers and genetic diseases. He has also been studying novel detecting methods of genetic and epigenetic alterations. He is also working as a clinical geneticist and an expert for cancer genomics in Aichi Cancer Center Hospital.
Both germline and somatic alterations are target for his research projects. Currently, he is interested in the assessment of cancer risk using host genetic factors, including high, moderate, and low risk variants as well as various environmental factors. He is Editorial Board member of several international academic journals, and this is the first time to be Editor-in-Chief for international academic journal.



Katsushi Tokunaga, Founding Editor

Professor Katsushi Tokunaga has been engaged in genome-wide research of human genetic factors for a variety of multi-factorial diseases. He has also been studying genome diversity in various Asian populations.
Immune-mediated diseases and infectious diseases are major targets of his research projects, and he is very interested in interactive effects of pathogen genome variation and host genome variation. He has currently published more than 500 peer-reviewed original articles. He is Editorial Board member of several international academic journals and was Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Human Genetics for six years, before stepping down in late 2013.