Benefits to Authors

Publishing with Human Genome Variation provides an author with a wide range of benefits.

Visibility and Access

Human Genome Variation is a fully Open Access title, published on These two elements mean that anyone with an internet connection can read and download your paper - and that they will find it.

HGV Database

Human Genome Variation aims to provide a coherent link between a published paper and its underlying data. For each Data Report published in the journal, the relevant data will be deposited into an accompanying database. There will be relevant links between the two resources and the structured database of variations and variability will be able to be searched, filtered and variously used to further the progress of genomics research. Authors of Data Reports will be informed during the acceptance process of the necessary requirements.

Editorial Summary

Full Articles will be supported by an Editorial Summary. Editorial Summaries are provided by the publisher and are professionally written, 100-135 word summaries of an Article. They succinctly provide information to the reader about the aims, main outcomes and significant conclusions of the article. Authors and others will be able to share Editorial Summaries to highlight the value of their work, as described to them in the acceptance process.


Authors who choose to publish in any Nature Research journal can be assured that its staff's publishing, editorial and production skills are committed to maintaining the highest possible quality and standards.

Regular free email alerts

Content published in Human Genome Variation has the potential to reach scientists around the world who have signed up for our free Table of Contents e-alerts, ensuring additional exposure to authors. These e-alerts allow recipients to click through to the full article.

Abstracting and indexing

Human Genome Variation will be applying for listing by ISI-Thomson Reuters for an Impact Factor. Extensive reference linking via services such as Crossref and DOI numbers provide seamless online linking between articles and databases. Using the power and reach of the platform, articles will be fully discoverable, accessible and searchable.

Media coverage

The Nature News Service provides information about exceptionally interesting papers published throughout Nature Research. More than 2,000 journalists and media organizations worldwide subscribe to the press service, ensuring that papers receive maximum exposure in the world's most important media channels including newspapers, magazines, radio and television.