Volume 129

  • No. 4 October 2022

    Cover image‘An adult female capuchin (Cebus capucinus imitator) carrying her offspring and grooming an adult male’, copyright [Susan Perry, UCLA], used with kind permission [Susan Perry, UCLA]

  • No. 3 September 2022

    Cover image‘Cattails growing in a marsh near Lake Ontario’, copyright [Marcel Dorken, Trent University], used with kind permission [Marcel Dorken, Trent University]

  • No. 2 August 2022

    Cover image ‘Male and female of the stick insect Timema californicum’, copyright [Bart Zijlstra, www.bartzijlstra.com]

  • No. 1 July 2022

    Special Issue - Mendel 200th birthday

    Cover image ‘Collage showing some of the work submitted by primary and secondary pupils for the Mendel’s artwork competition’. Images used with the artists’ kind permission. Top row, left to right: Eileen, 9yo – James, 11 yo – Lily, 14yo and bottom row, left to right: Zara, 14 yo – Pippa, 11 yo – Desponia, 14 yo.