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  • Mario Ernst, winner of the 2022 Student Prize

    We are pleased to announce the winners of the annual prize for the best student-led paper in Heredity for 2022. The quality of papers was very good, and we would like to congratulate all authors for their contributions. It was challenging to select a winner from so many excellent submissions, but the award for this year goes to Mario Ernst.

  • Mountain Goat

  • Genomes or RADseq, mountain goats don't mind.​
  • One of the big decisions in planning a genetic study is what kind of sequencing approach to use. This episode we talk to Daria Martchenko and Aaron Shafer (Trent University, Canada), whose paper compares and contrasts whole genomes to RADseq in a study of mountain goat demography and adaptive history.
  • Graph showing post-transcription in adaptation and evolutional regulation in

  • Special Issue - Beyond transcription: The role of post-transcriptional gene regulation in adaptation and evolution.
  • The aim of this Special Issue is to synthesise our current level of understanding on the role of post-transcriptional variation in different eco-evolutionary contexts and diverse taxa, highlight the diversity of regulatory mechanism controlling... Read more

  • Portrait photo of Bastiaan Star

    Bastiaan Star is an evolutionary biologist and associated professor at the University of Oslo, Norway. He is interested in historical ecology and conservation genomics and uses a range of genomic tools (including ancient DNA) to investigate how genetic variation, population structure and population size have changed over time during the onset of human exploitation and ecological globalization...

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Special Issue: Mendel’s laws of heredity on his 200th birthday: What have we learned by considering exceptions?

This Special Issue celebrates Mendel’s 200th birthday by focusing on exceptions to the Mendelian ‘laws’. Discovery in science is often driven forward more by exceptions than by rules. In genetics, Mendel’s laws of heredity provide the basic ‘rules’. Recent decades have seen an explosion in discoveries that violate these rules, which has driven the field of genetics forward. Indeed, these ‘exceptions’ can shape patterns of inheritance and can have important impacts on evolutionary processes. Genetics Society Executives: Jason B. Wolf, Department of Biology & Biochemistry and The Milner Centre for Evolution, University of Bath, Bath, UK Anne C Ferguson-Smith,, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, UK Alexander Lorenz, Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS), University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK