Volume 23

  • No. 6 June 2021

    The use of simple rectangular and square shapes to form an abstract and intricate design mimics the pictures one can see by looking through a kaleidoscope. This piece is interesting because it engages people to freely imagine different scenes as well as colors, shapes, and textures together.

  • No. 5 May 2021

    During the pandemic I started a series on pods - pods as in “peas in a pod” and the pandemic meaning. We are now forced to experience our whole lives near home. Constrained, our “pod” is now our world and we are forced to examine and decide what is important to us.

  • No. 4 April 2021

    “This painting is evocative of a cell or the mind and their struggle to adapt to external (societal, environmental) pressures to persist, and as reminiscent of an island or our planet while morphing due to the constant humankind-induced exploitation in order to survive.” See more of her work at www.agprat.com.

  • No. 3 March 2021

    Sunburnt by Heather Baudet, acrylic on canvas, 14x14”. An abstract interpretation of colors overexposed in the bright luminescence of the sun almost burning the colors into deeper hues during the hot summer. For more information visit http://heatherbaudet.com.

  • No. 2 February 2021

    “Sea Glass” is fiber art by Susan Brubaker Knapp. Susan painted the blue-green-yellow fabric, and then overlaid it with a piece of Lutradur (spun-bond polyester) that she cut in the shapes of smooth sea glass. Then she machine stitched with thread around the shapes. More of the artist's work can be seen on her website: www.bluemoonriver.com

  • No. 1 January 2021

    Vivid blues, greens and violets depict an abstract landscape where the viewer is at the edge of a forest looking out to an open space, not yet out of the woods. Written on the tree trunks are 559 common names of all the plants that are endangered in North Carolina.