For Authors & Referees

This section offers the following resources for prospective authors and referees:

Click on "Manuscript Assessment at Initial Submission" for:
Overview of GIM's manuscript assessment at the initial submission stage with quick links to relevant pages within the Instructions for Authors. The list outlines the essential minimal formatting and editorial policies that must be adhered to.   

Click on "Presubmission Inquiries" for:
All the key information about presubmission inquiries and what is required to submit them. 

Click on "Preparation of Submissions" for:
For information regarding content types, manuscript requirements, writing cover letters, formatting text, supplementary information, guidance for terminology and gene nomenclature, English Language Support, and useful tutorials.

Click on "Figures, Tables and Artwork Guidelines" for:
Information on color figures, image manipulation, formatting tables, excel spreadsheet conversion errors, and supplementary information formats.

Click on "Ethics" for:
Information on authorship, permissions to perform animal and human experiments, conflicts of interest, plagiarism and fabrication, duplicate publication, correction and retraction policies, and permissions to republish.

Click on "Peer Review Process, Appeals, and Transfers" for:
Information on GIM's peer review policy, anonymity, the process by which peer reviewers are selected, appeals to editorial decisions, transfers, and useful tutorials.

Click on "Copyright, Reporting Guidelines and Data Policy" for:
For information on Open Access, copyright/licenses to publish, deposition in repositories and self-archiving, reporting guidelines, randomized clinical trials, and research data policy.

Click on "Communication with the Media/Journal Press Release Policy/Communication Between Scientists/Preprints" for
All the key information regarding communication with the media, between scientists, press releases, and preprints.