Presubmission Inquiries

Presubmission inquiries are provided as a service to authors (e.g. to see if a manuscript is likely to be of interest to the journal) and are not mandatory nor even necessarily recommended. Genetics in Medicine cannot guarantee the rapidity of response to inquiries, but will strive to answer within two business days. Please submit presubmission inquiries through our submission system at and select the article type “presubmission inquiry”. Contact us directly if the response is delayed. Presubmission inquiries are a means of soliciting informal feedback on whether a manuscript falls within the scope of the journal and is likely to meet the editors’ standards.

Presubmission inquiry does not take the place of formal manuscript review. The process, by nature, is imperfect. Editors are being asked to review only a very small sample of a manuscript to determine its appropriateness for the journal. In addition, with multiple inquiries coming in daily and a subset of the manuscripts never being submitted despite positive responses, editors don’t have the luxury of spending significant time on presubmission inquiries. Authors should take the response as a recommendation and nothing more. A positive response is no guarantee that a manuscript will be sent out for review or accepted for publication. A negative response does not guarantee rejection if the full manuscript is submitted. Finally, we do not accept appeals to presubmission inquiry responses. Authors who wish to submit despite a negative response should follow the journal’s author instructions for submission.

Minimum necessary for presubmission inquiry:

Entire manuscripts should NOT be sent as presubmission, but rather submitted as specified in the journal’s instruction for authors. The cover letter from the corresponding author requesting a presubmission inquiry should include:

  • Manuscript title and abstract
  • Full manuscript author list and affiliations
  • Significant real or potential author conflicts of interest
  • Brief introduction to the manuscript and statement of interest to the journal
  • Brief description of relevant findings and their implications 

Please submit presubmission inquiries through our submission system at and select the article type “presubmission inquiry”.

Last Updated: July 2019