Manuscript Assessment at Initial Submission

Genetics in Medicine (GIM) has Instructions to Authors that extensively detail formatting of manuscripts and editorial policies, and we ask that authors read these prior to submission to the journal. However, we do not require every part of these instructions to be followed for an initial assessment. Below is a list of the essential minimal formatting and editorial policies that must be adhered to so our editors and reviewers can assess the manuscript fairly and easily.

On initial submission the editorial office staff sends the article to the Editor-in-Chief (EIC), or deputy editor if the EIC is conflicted. The EIC assesses if the article is within our scope and looks for evidence of suitability, quality, novelty, and interest to our readers. If the EIC deems the article may be suitable for peer review, then the editorial office will check for the following essential minimal formatting and editorial policies:

If any of these formatting requirements are not met at this stage, the article is returned to the authors. Formatting to the specifications of our full Instructions to Authors is only required if your article is deemed suitable for publication.