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    While microbes had been considered for a long time only as a cause of various infectious diseases, modern science starts to discover the various beneficial aspects of the human microbiome. This special issue on Microbiome-Host Immune Crosstalk attempts to provide a snapshot on current research activities to better understand the bi-directional crosstalk between the microbiome and the immune system

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Immunology of cell death in cancer & infection

CALL FOR PAPERS: Immunology of cell death in cancer & infection

Guest Editor: Professor Abhishek D. Garg, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium The immunology of dying or dead cancer cells is crucial in both health and disease. In recent times, considerable effort has been devoted to understanding how the innate and adaptive immune system perceive and decode various major cell death pathways (like apoptosis, necroptosis, ferroptosis or pyroptosis, amongst others) in dynamic settings of pathologies like cancer and infections. However, an integrated view of cancer cell death immunology that can be reliably exploited for highly efficacious cancer immunotherapy or anti-infection strategies remains enigmatic. This is particularly urgent during infection since herein it is not only about cell death of cells at epithelial or mucosal surface targeted by pathogens but also collateral cell death in immune cells. The aim of this Special Issue is to bring together researchers working on cell death immunology across the fields of cancer or infection biology, and foster a comprehensive discussion on genetic or molecular determinants of cell death immunology. We aim to cover following broad topics: - Immunogenic cell death (ICD) in cancer and infection - Cell death at anti-pathogenic barriers during infection, including COVID19. - Cell death of immune cells e.g., virus-induced T cell senescence and depletion - Cell death immunology in immuno-oncology e.g., anticancer vaccines or chemo/radio-immunotherapy - Mechanisms behind immunology of programmed necrotic pathways - Genetic analyses of cell death characteristics or immunology e.g., single-cell RNAseq profiling. Submission is open to everyone, and all submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed through the regular journal review process. If you would like to contribute to this Special Issue, please first send a proposal of your contribution to the editorial office gene@us.nature.com.