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    Eye has seen an increase in number of publications from all parts of the world. In this collection, we raise the awareness of global ophthalmology as a speciality. The publications highlight regional variations in prevalence and incidence of various eye conditions, barriers and facilitators of eye care, and strategies to improve health equity globally.

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    The last decade has seen an unprecedented pace of translation and innovation in the field of neuro-ophthalmology, providing our previously diagnosable but untreatable patients with new management options that reduce morbidity and mortality. No longer are we the subspeciality that simply admires the disease, and now we have much more than steroids to offer patients.

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    Cochrane Eyes and Vision (CEV) is an international network of individuals working to prepare, maintain and promote access to systematic reviews of interventions and diagnostic tests to diagnose, treat or prevent eye diseases or visual impairment. CEV has teamed up with Eye to produce clinical commentaries on selected Cochrane Reviews.



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This Collection highlights the newest top-viewed content from Eye. Updated each month, we hope you enjoy reading these articles. Eye aims to publish the latest developments in clinical and laboratory-based research, to provide practicing clinicians, healthcare workers and researchers with information on the latest developments in ophthalmology.