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  • Human Genomic Aspects of the COVID-19 Pandemic - We invite submissions (of all manuscript types) for a Special Issue on COVID-19 host genomics, to be published in 2022. Papers should be submitted no later than 1st February 2022. We seek manuscripts that increase our understanding of host genomic aspects that predispose to infection and transmission of COVID-19 and contribute to illness severity.

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ASHG 2019 Annual Meeting

ASHG 2019 Annual Meeting

The American Society of Human Genetics annual meeting is upon us, 15th - 19th October 2019 and will focus on all aspects of human genetics, particularly topics that integrate multiple basic science and clinical aspects of human genetic disease. The Editor-in-Chief of EJHG in the spirit of this important event is pleased to showcase the work of many in this field as they align with the critical themes of this exciting congress.