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EJCN is pleased to share with you featured papers of 2023.  Papers are free to read for 2 months. We hope you enjoy.


Vitamin A supplementation policy: A shift from universal to geographical targeted approach in India considered detrimental to health and nutritional status of under 5 years children

Heterogeneity of Dietary practices in India: current status and implications for the prevention and control of type 2 diabetes

Anthocyanins-rich interventions on oxidative stress, inflammation and lipid profile in patients undergoing hemodialysis: meta-analysis and meta-regression

Causal association of genetically determined circulating vitamin D metabolites and calcium with multiple sclerosis in participants of European descent

Beneficial effects of premeal almond load on glucose profile on oral glucose tolerance and continuous glucose monitoring: randomized crossover trials in Asian Indians with prediabetes

Effectiveness of early enteral feeding on health outcomes in preterm infants: an overview of systematic reviews

Relation of fruit juice with adiposity and diabetes depends on how fruit juice is defined: a re-analysis of the EFSA draft scientific opinion on the tolerable upper intake level for dietary sugars

Nutrient intakes in adult and pediatric coeliac disease patients on gluten-free diet: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Growth and neuro-developmental outcomes of probiotic supplemented preterm infants—a systematic review and meta-analysis

Effects of dietary-based weight loss interventions on biomarkers of endothelial function: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Clinical efficacy of enteral nutrition feeding modalities in critically ill patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Micronutrients in early life and offspring metabolic health programming: a promising target for preventing non-communicable diseases