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  • EJCN is pleased to share with you the featured papers of 2023. Papers are free to read for 2 months. We hope you enjoy.

  • EJCN is delighted to call for submissions for an upcoming special issue on Physical Activity and Health. Click to find out more information on the focus of the issue and how to contribute.

  • The EJCN has launched a special category of paper that is aimed at stimulating nutrition research, and driving the future nutrition agenda. Read the papers published so far here.

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    The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition is pleased to have launched a new series, Statistics in Nutrition and is keen to hear from you with ideas for content. Please click through to read more about the type of contributions we are looking for and information on submitting ideas.


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Crystal Ball Series

The Crystal Ball Series is a collection of papers from prominent figures in the nutrition field. Through this collection the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition hopes to profile the paths of the eminent individuals nutrition journey; how they came to it and what have their contributions to nutrition science been. In addition, we ask them to share what they would like to see done now, where they see their area heading, the potential pitfalls, and over all what do they see in their crystal ball for the future of nutrition research.