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  • The compound NbSe2 has been the subject of considerable interest because of its unusual electronic behaviour, making it a prototypical material for understanding exotic phenomena. By tilting  the magnetic field the authors are able to more clearly analyse features of its electronic structure at the surface of NbSe2 using scanning tunnelling microscopy.

    • J. A. Galvis
    • E. Herrera
    • H. Suderow
    Article Open Access
  • Ramsey interferometers are used as a general tool of spectroscopy and matter wave interferometry. The authors demonstrate an echo- Ramsey interferometer that uses trapped quantum states in an optical lattice as a new tool to study coherence in many body quantum systems.

    • Dong Hu
    • Linxiao Niu
    • Xiaoji Zhou
    Article Open Access
  • Organic solar cells with small molecule acceptors achieve promising high efficiencies. The authors use numerical simulations to explain under which circumstances complementary absorption or overlapping absorption bands of the donor and non-fullerene acceptor molecules will be more beneficial for efficiency.

    • Lisa Krückemeier
    • Pascal Kaienburg
    • Thomas Kirchartz
    Article Open Access
  • Non-equilibrium dynamics of cold atoms have recently attracted attention revealing unconventional phenomena. The authors report here the experimental observation of a non-equilibrium steady state in a hybrid trap composed of a magneto-optical trap and a moving optical lattice.

    • Kyeong Ock Chong
    • Jung-Ryul Kim
    • Kyungwon An
    Article Open Access
  • Characterizing the non-equilibrium phase transition to a Bose-Einstein condensate is an open problem in condensed matter physics. The authors perform a detailed numerical characterization of this dynamical process, providing insights into the equilibration process after crossing the transition.

    • I.-K. Liu
    • S. Donadello
    • N. P. Proukakis
    Article Open Access
  • Formation of stable coherent structures is a fundamental physical phenomenon that occurs in various systems. This paper presents dissipative soliton build-up in mode-locked fibre lasers and investigate spectral and temporal evolution observing nonlinear dynamics ahead of the formation of a stable dissipative soliton.

    • Junsong Peng
    • Mariia Sorokina
    • Heping Zeng
    Article Open Access
  • A better understanding of heat-transfer mechanisms is essential to designing more efficient cooling systems for high-energy devices. Using a micron-sized hot-spot, the authors investigate the dynamics of the nucleation and growth of a single vapour bubble from the micro to nanoscale.

    • Mehrdad Mehrvand
    • Shawn A. Putnam
    Article Open Access
  • Ultrasound-driven encapsulated microbubbles show great promise as convenient transport vehicles for local drug delivery. This manuscript reports the development of a theoretical framework validated by experiments for understanding the role of non-spherical oscillations in ultrasound-mediated release of a drug payload from targeted microbubbles.

    • Guillaume Lajoinie
    • Ying Luan
    • Michel Versluis
    Article Open Access
  • Frequency combs correspond to optical spectra composed of a succession of equally spaced lines that can be used in numerous fields such as high-precision spectroscopy. The authors report a new way of converting frequency combs in the mid-infrared region, which has potential applications in molecular spectroscopy and gas sensing.

    • Alexandre Parriaux
    • Kamal Hammani
    • Guy Millot
    Article Open Access
  • Plasma Raman amplifiers have been proposed as a mean to increase laser intensity beyond what is currently possible with solid state devices. The paper presents a counterintuitive geometry for a Raman amplifier that allows to optimize the Raman amplification of a seed pulse in a plasma.

    • James D. Sadler
    • Luís O. Silva
    • Peter A. Norreys
    Article Open Access
  • Understanding the magnetic properties of molecules at the atomic level is a crucial aspect in the growing area of organic spintronics. This study brings further insight into the mechanisms of electron-spin interactions by investigating an iron-based organic molecule deposited on gold substrates.

    • Carmen Rubio-Verdú
    • Ane Sarasola
    • Jose Ignacio Pascual
    Article Open Access
  • In order to develop the next generation of semiconductor devices it is important to better understand the fundamental physics of materials other than silicon. The authors develop a theoretical approach to describe the charge transport properties of polymer-based semiconductors by focusing on features related to their crystallographic properties.

    • M. Statz
    • D. Venkateshvaran
    • R. Di Pietro
    Article Open Access
  • Since the Renaissance, the Reiner Gamma formation was identified as a peculiar lunar feature. By combining magnetic field topology based on satellite observations with a full-kinetic plasma model, the authors successfully reproduced the shape of the surface albedo pattern beneath the magnetic anomaly.

    • Jan Deca
    • Andrey Divin
    • Mihály Horányi
    Article Open Access
  • The study provides new insight into the light-matter interactions of organic based perovskites. The authors do so by investigating the hybrid perovskite methylammonium lead iodide, which is considered a benchmark material for solar cells with high power conversion efficiency.

    • Petr A. Obraztsov
    • Dmitry Lyashenko
    • Alex Zakhidov
    Article Open Access
  • Photoemission from nanostructures has raised considerable interest in recent years. The authors propose a low-budget scheme for multiphoton photemission with a continuous-wave laser that may inspire design of accessible nanoscale coherent electron sources.

    • Murat Sivis
    • Nicolas Pazos-Perez
    • Claus Ropers
    Article Open Access
  • A first-principles description of electronic states in cuprate high-temperature superconductors has remained a longstanding challenge in the field. The authors show how the equilibrium crystal structure as well as the key ground-state electronic and magnetic properties of lanthanum cuprate superconductor as an exemplar correlated material can be obtained accurately by applying an advanced functional within the framework of the density functional theory.

    • James W. Furness
    • Yubo Zhang
    • Jianwei Sun
    Article Open Access
  • Dimension is an important resource in quantum information theory. By exploiting the weak measurement technique, the paper presents a three-observer dimension witness protocol which can be applied, among other protocols, in semi device-independent quantum information theory.

    • Hong-Wei Li
    • Yong-Sheng Zhang
    • Guang-Can Guo
    Article Open Access