Polarisation-dependent single-pulse ultrafast optical switching of an elementary ferromagnet

  • Hanan Hamamera
  • Filipe Souza Mendes Guimarães
  • Samir Lounis


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  • In scaling to global distances, future quantum networks are expected to make use of satellite-based orbiting quantum memories. In this manuscript, the authors simulate the performance of memory-assisted quantum key distribution (MA-QKD) schemes under a range of operating conditions and network configurations, with encouraging conclusions as to the feasibility of implementing such networks with near-term devices.

    • Julius Wallnöfer
    • Frederik Hahn
    • Janik Wolters
    Article Open Access
  • Phase separation phenomenon is a possible mechanism for important biological functions, from facilitating transcription by condensate formation, to the transport of cargo in the cell. This paper puts forward viscoelastic phase separation as a previously overlooked mechanism that could explain peculiar features of living cells such as network-like morphologies.

    • Hajime Tanaka
    Article Open Access
  • Direct observation of light-induced topological Floquet states can be challenging due to a number of obstacles such as laser-assisted photoemission which can complicate photoemission spectra. Here, the authors report a theoretical approach to the identification of topological Floquet states using circular dichroism in angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy.

    • Michael Schüler
    • Samuel Beaulieu
    Article Open Access
  • While the reconstruction of classic monolayer networks is a widely addressed problem, accurate reconstruction of multiplex networks is still an open challenge. Here the authors propose a statistical approach that allow to achieve optimal reconstruction of multiplex networks from partial observations and knowledge of the aggregated network.

    • Mincheng Wu
    • Jiming Chen
    • Jianxi Gao
    Article Open Access
  • Memristors are reconfigurable devices that are switchable between low and high resistive states and are expected to play an important role in the integrated circuit technology of next generation computing. Here, the authors theoretically demonstrate that ring-shaped nanostructures composed of a ferromagnetic material can exhibit memristive properties with performance values in the GHz range.

    • Francesco Caravelli
    • Ezio Iacocca
    • Clodoaldo I. L. de Araujo
    Article Open Access
  • Cosmic Rays (CRs) with energy below 1 PeV are believed to originate in the Milky Way, but recent gamma-ray observations by Fermi Large Area Telescope challenge the interpretation of CR diffusion mechanisms across the galaxy. The authors propose that a harder-than-expected slope of the diffuse gamma-ray emission spectrum in the inner Galaxy may be due to unresolved sources, suggested to be TeV-bright pulsar wind nebulae.

    • Vittoria Vecchiotti
    • Giulia Pagliaroli
    • Francesco Lorenzo Villante
    Article Open Access


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