Hendrik Kähler

Surface acoustic wave coupling between micromechanical resonators

  • Hendrik Kähler
  • Daniel Platz
  • Silvan Schmid


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  • Numerous results support that networks representing the structure of complex systems can be accompanied by hidden metric spaces. The present paper introduces a framework for embedding directed networks into hyperbolic spaces using dimension reduction techniques and a universal conversion method between Euclidean and hyperbolic node coordinates.

    • Bianka Kovács
    • Gergely Palla
    Article Open Access
  • Revived interest in proton-boron fusion has been fuelled by new laser matter interaction schemes with several possible applications. The authors report on a tabletop laser experiment that observes proton-boron fusion with an emphasis on the secondary cross-section peak around 150 keV.

    • Valeriia Istokskaia
    • Marco Tosca
    • Daniele Margarone
    Article Open Access
  • Manipulating binary digits of information (bits) is a prerequisite for reliable memory utilization. The authors present a dynamical framework in which a reinforcement learning agent harnesses the physics of simple multi-bit mechanical models to restore their memory, suggesting new optimal system designs.

    • Théo Jules
    • Laura Michel
    • Frédéric Lechenault
    Article Open Access
  • UTe2 receives significant attention as it may be an example of a spin-triplet superconductor but many features of this material are still to be fully understood. Here, the authors use muon spin rotation to investigate the existence of low-temperature magnetic clusters in single crystals of UTe2 and discuss the potential relationship with the temperature dependent behaviour of the specific heat.

    • Shyam Sundar
    • Nasrin Azari
    • Jeff E. Sonier
    Article Open Access
  • The physics of NiO under applied pressure has long been debated and the material has been a key contributor to our understanding of Mott insulators and strongly correlated materials more generally. Here, the authors perform high-pressure X-ray diffraction measurements reporting a pressure-induced structural phase transition for NiO, which they suggest is linked with the metal-insulator transition of this system.

    • Alexander G. Gavriliuk
    • Viktor V. Struzhkin
    • Wolfgang Morgenroth
    Article Open Access
  • A variety of complex networked systems, in biology, technology, and more, have the danger of falling into a potential stable state with abnormal activity, even if they are now at a normally functioning state. This manuscript shows how supporting the activity of a small fraction of nodes can make the system safe by eliminating the undesired state.

    • Hillel Sanhedrai
    • Shlomo Havlin
    Article Open Access
  • The intrusion and extrusion of non-wetting liquids has many industrial applications and understanding how the underlying dynamics that govern the interaction of a given liquid and a nanoporous material can help refine performance. Here, using molecular dynamics simulations, the authors consider the impact of pore connectivity on the water intrusion of hydrophobic nanopores finding that the depth of small interconnecting secondary channels plays a crucial role for the wetting/dewetting properties.

    • Gonçalo Paulo
    • Alberto Gubbiotti
    • Alberto Giacomello
    Article Open Access
  • Antiferromagnetic systems are prospective materials for spintronic applications due to increased stability and speed of the magnetisation dynamics. Here, the authors use torque magnetometry and an easy-plane anisotropic model to investigate and understand the magnetic anisotropy of the non-collinear antiferromagnet EuCo2As2.

    • Jong Hyuk Kim
    • Mi Kyung Kim
    • Young Jai Choi
    Article Open Access


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