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Viral hepatitis: a call for papers

This joint collection welcomes preclinical, clinical, epidemiological, and public health research focused on viral hepatitis.


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    Join us in Nairobi, Kenya this September for a discussion with African experts on cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs surrounding the epidemiology of dementia, the contributing risk factors, genetics and more. Submit your abstract and apply to attend today.

  • MRI brain images showing a stroke

    This Collection welcomes research focused on improvements of prediction, detection or monitoring of ischemic stroke.

    Open for submissions
  • endoscope light

    This cross-journal collection on endoscopy invites submissions on technological advances to improve capability, with clinical research exploring procedures and applications.

    Open for submissions


  • Chisholm-Burns et al. discuss the substantial shortage of organs available for transplantation, with disparities in access amongst some racial and ethnic groups. The authors suggest that while xenotransplantation can potentially increase organ availability, it also has the potential to further embed inequities in transplant care.

    • Marie Chisholm-Burns
    • Burnett S. Kelly
    • Christina A. Spivey
    CommentOpen Access
  • Thirunavukkarasu et al. discuss how standard lifestyle interventions prove ineffective in preventing type 2 diabetes in individuals with isolated impaired fasting glucose, a highly prevalent prediabetes phenotype globally. They propose low-calorie diets as a promising strategy for diabetes prevention in this high-risk population.

    • Sathish Thirunavukkarasu
    • Roy Taylor
    • Jonathan E. Shaw
    CommentOpen Access
  • Zhang et al. discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to optimize clinical trial design and potentially boost the success rate of clinical trials. AI has unparalleled potential to leverage real-world data and unlock valuable insights for innovative trial design.

    • Bin Zhang
    • Lu Zhang
    • Shuixing Zhang
    CommentOpen Access
  • Ivancovsky-Wajcman et al. outline the need for a holistic preventive hepatology approach, involving social nutrition and social prescribing, to address the public health threat of metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD). They argue that this will facilitate individuals’ engagement in behavioural modifications to treat MASLD.

    • Dana Ivancovsky-Wajcman
    • Paul N. Brennan
    • Jeffrey V. Lazarus
    CommentOpen Access
  • Macharia et al. discuss a Communications Medicine article on global healthcare accessibility and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. They outline strengths in the comprehensive approach taken to studying revealed versus potential spatial accessibility, plus some limitations and wider context with which the results can be interpreted.

    • Peter M. Macharia
    • Aduragbemi Banke-Thomas
    • Lenka Beňová
    CommentOpen Access
  • Pallett et al. discuss the impact of human conflict on development of antimicrobial resistance. They overview approaches to limit the spread of antimicrobial resistance, using the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as an example of the challenges and opportunities.

    • Scott J. C. Pallett
    • Sara E. Boyd
    • Emma J. Hutley
    CommentOpen Access
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Sleep in health and disease

This Collection welcomes submissions focused on the study of sleep that consider factors that negatively impact sleep health, evaluate approaches to improve sleep and further the mechanistic understanding of sleep processes in health and disease.
Open for submissions