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  • Developing scalable strategies of miniaturization and integration is key for achieving high-density integrated circuit devices. Here, the authors propose a silicon-based one-transistor device with a 40% reduction in circuit footprint, which combines the functionalities of logic gates, memory, and artificial synapses for mass production.

    • Mingzhi Dai
    • Zhitang Song
    • Junhao Chu
    Article Open Access
  • Nanoscale light manipulation and characterization are essential in nano-optics, but conventional microscopy or indirect imaging methods are often limited by low resolution or invasive nature. Here, a non-destructive light-field imaging with ~20 nm resolution is realized by p-n junction photodetection in graphene controlled by gate voltage.

    • Tongcheng Yu
    • Francisco Rodriguez
    • Alexander N. Grigorenko
    Article Open Access
  • Understanding grain morphology and kinetics of solid-phase crystallization is important for controlling the functional properties of polycrystalline materials. Here, in situ coherent X-ray diffraction imaging and transmission electron microscopy elucidate quantitatively the kinetics of a single-grain growth in Zr-doped In2O3 films.

    • Dmitry Dzhigaev
    • Yury Smirnov
    • Michael Elias Stuckelberger
    Article Open Access
  • Visualizing the composition of grain networks is key for understanding the structure evolution and functional properties of composite materials. Here, X-ray fluorescence tomography, coupled with an absorption correction algorithm, reveals mechanistic insights in the phase transformations and transport properties of a mixed ionic-electronic conductor.

    • Mingyuan Ge
    • Xiaojing Huang
    • Yong S. Chu
    Article Open Access
  • Long-range interactions have often been considered as a nuisance or correction to the desired features of metamaterials. Here, nonlocal interactions in 2D acoustic metamaterials are instead exploited as a tool to engineer peculiar wave dispersions, such as multiple roton-like minima, leading to negative and triple refraction.

    • Ke Wang
    • Yi Chen
    • Martin Wegener
    Article Open Access
  • UTe2 is an unconventional superconductor with a putative multicomponent triplet order parameter, but the observation of two superconducting transitions remains controversial. Here, UTe2 single crystals exhibit reduced disorder and a single transition at 2 K, setting new constraints on the multicomponent superconductivity scenario.

    • Priscila F. S. Rosa
    • Ashley Weiland
    • Sean M. Thomas
    Article Open Access
  • Disordered hyperuniform materials are interesting due to the asymptotic absence of long-wavelength density fluctuations, leading to unconventional phenomenology. Here, planar disorder in superconducting vortex matter is shown to suppress hyperuniformity in an anisotropic way, providing insight into the thickness dependence of hyperuniformity.

    • Joaquín Puig
    • Federico Elías
    • Yanina Fasano
    Article Open Access
  • Battery research is often focused on candidate materials that result in the most promising battery performance numbers, which makes it vital that findings are accurately reported. This paper discusses a number of errors that often occur in the battery literature, which impact reproducibility.

    • Kang Xu
    Perspective Open Access
  • Kagome metals are interesting for the coexistence of chiral charge density wave and superconductivity. Here, the structural distortion responsible for the charge density wave in KV3Sb5 is investigated by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and first-principles calculations, providing microscopic insight into the charge density wave and superconducting mechanisms.

    • Takemi Kato
    • Yongkai Li
    • Takafumi Sato
    Article Open Access
  • Light diffusion effects in liquid crystals are important for security and lighting devices. Here, viewing angle dependent pearlescence and iridescence are reported in a nematic liquid crystal elastomer with a stabilized director buckling pattern, which can be controlled by deformation or temperature.

    • Takuya Ohzono
    • Hiroyuki Minamikawa
    • Eugene M. Terentjev
    Article Open Access
  • Graphene is known to display a number of attractive mechanical properties. Here, anisotropy in the fracture toughness of graphene is investigated by in-situ mechanical testing, revealing weak anisotropy between armchair and zigzag directions.

    • Shizhe Feng
    • Ke Cao
    • Zhiping Xu
    Article Open Access
  • Ferrofluids are magnetic liquids interesting for the periodic patterns they form in external magnetic fields. Here, an aqueous two-phase system based on polyethylene glycol and dextran achieves an ultralow interfacial tension of ~ 1 μN m−1, resulting in micro-patterns with periodicities of ~ 200 μm.

    • Carlo Rigoni
    • Grégory Beaune
    • Jaakko V. I. Timonen
    Article Open Access
  • Rare-earth hexaborides are of interest for their pressure-induced phase transformations, but further understanding is needed regarding their failure mechanisms. Here, nanoindentation of EuB6 causes dislocation-mediated shear band formation, driven by the breaking of boron-boron bonds.

    • Rajamallu Karre
    • Yidi Shen
    • Kolan Madhav Reddy
    Article Open Access
  • Theoretical studies have predicted a Kondo effect driven charge density wave order with two sublattices characterized by different single-ion Kondo temperatures. Here, X-ray photoemission spectroscopy provides evidence of a dual Kondo effect in the charge ordered phase of YbPd, elucidating the mechanism of its zero thermal expansion.

    • Yen-Fa Liao
    • Bodry Tegomo Chiogo
    • Ashish Chainani
    Article Open Access
  • Metal halide to perovskite phase conversion is a facile approach for synthesizing high-quality perovskite semiconductors for optoelectronic applications. Here, these reactions are investigated at the nanoscale via in-situ x-ray scattering, revealing links between reaction kinetics, structure and composition.

    • Neha Arora
    • Alessandro Greco
    • M. Ibrahim Dar
    Article Open Access