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    We are inviting submissions for Collections on: 'High-entropy alloys and ceramics' and 'Natural materials and bioinspired biomaterials'.

  • Dan Congreve

    Dan Congreve is an Assistant Professor at Stanford University. His research uses optoelectronic materials to control light and energy at the nanoscale.

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  • Short-range chemical ordering has emerged as a key feature for controlling the properties of high-entropy alloys. Here, ab initio calculations reveal that two types of short-range ordering exist in Si–Ge–Sn medium-entropy alloys, suggesting that multiple types of ordering could exist in a single alloy.

    • Xiaochen Jin
    • Shunda Chen
    • Tianshu Li
    Article Open Access
  • Topological mechanical metamaterials have been considered effective for energy manipulation via edge states, but manipulating these states remains challenging. Here, a Kresling origami mechanical metamaterial hosts multiple topological edge states at finite frequencies, which can be manipulated and transferred across the boundaries of the system by adjusting the lattice torsion.

    • Yasuhiro Miyazawa
    • Chun-Wei Chen
    • Jinkyu Yang
    Article Open Access
  • Ionic selectivity in microfluidics is challenging due to the differing length scales between ions and channels. Here, a model system emulates ionic transport at the microscale with electrokinetic spherical Janus micromotors moving over surfaces with spatially varying charge.

    • Tao Huang
    • Vyacheslav Misko
    • Larysa Baraban
    Article Open Access
  • Reconfigurable and tunable terahertz electronic devices are promising for various technological applications, for which metamaterials are receiving interest. Here, a graphene/gold bilayer metasurface enables the creation of a frequency-selective absorber with electrical tuning in the 0.1–1 THz range.

    • Andrew D. Squires
    • Xiang Gao
    • Tim van der Laan
    Article Open Access
  • Enzymes are effective at chemically converting low-value biomass to technological materials. Here, an ancestral lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase enzyme is used to synthesize chitin nanocrystals, which are used as a matrix for cell growth and to create conducting graphene oxide bioinks.

    • Leire Barandiaran
    • Borja Alonso-Lerma
    • Raul Perez-Jimenez
    Article Open Access