Celebrating one year of publishing

The editors select some of their favourite papers from the first year of Communciations Materials.


  • Bulk metallic glasses typically display limited ductility. Here, straining a bulk metallic glass during cooling from the supercooled region is shown to enhance bending ductility, attributed to the structure being pulled up the potential energy landscape.

    • Rodrigo Miguel Ojeda Mota
    • Ethen Thomas Lund
    • Jan Schroers
    Article Open Access
  • Controlling the wetting of soft materials is of great importance in biological and engineering applications, but its understanding remains incomplete. Here, the wetting ridge of a water drop on a soft polymer network, swollen by a fluid, is studied with increasing degrees of swelling, revealing a growing fluid separation from the network.

    • Zhuoyun Cai
    • Artem Skabeev
    • Jonathan T. Pham
    Article Open Access
  • Artificial retinas require materials and devices that can interface with the nervous system. Here, aluminum antimonide colloidal nanocrystals are used as the interfacing layer with a biological medium, showing a fast photoresponse of 55 µs and a suggested operational lifetime of 36 months.

    • Mertcan Han
    • Houman Bahmani Jalali
    • Sedat Nizamoglu
    Article Open Access
  • The coexistence of ferromagnetism and topology has recently attracted intense interest. Here, the thickness dependence of magnetisation and anomalous Hall conductivity is investigated in Co3Sn2S2 thin films, revealing a critical thickness of 10 nm for the emergence of the magnetic Weyl semimetal phase.

    • Junya Ikeda
    • Kohei Fujiwara
    • Atsushi Tsukazaki
    Article Open Access
  • UO2 is an antiferromagnetic Mott-Hubbard insulator and exhibits piezomagnetism, though the origin of this is elusive. Here, X-ray diffraction of UO2 in pulsed magnetic fields reveals the presence of time-reversed magnetic domains and structural distortions that take place during the piezomagnetic switching.

    • Daniel J. Antonio
    • Joel T. Weiss
    • Krzysztof Gofryk
    Article Open Access