Proximity-induced superconductivity in (Bi1−xSbx)2Te3 topological-insulator nanowires

  • Mengmeng Bai
  • Xian-Kui Wei
  • Yoichi Ando


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  • Understanding grain morphology and kinetics of solid-phase crystallization is important for controlling the functional properties of polycrystalline materials. Here, in situ coherent X-ray diffraction imaging and transmission electron microscopy elucidate quantitatively the kinetics of a single-grain growth in Zr-doped In2O3 films.

    • Dmitry Dzhigaev
    • Yury Smirnov
    • Michael Elias Stuckelberger
    Article Open Access
  • Visualizing the composition of grain networks is key for understanding the structure evolution and functional properties of composite materials. Here, X-ray fluorescence tomography, coupled with an absorption correction algorithm, reveals mechanistic insights in the phase transformations and transport properties of a mixed ionic-electronic conductor.

    • Mingyuan Ge
    • Xiaojing Huang
    • Yong S. Chu
    Article Open Access
  • Long-range interactions have often been considered as a nuisance or correction to the desired features of metamaterials. Here, nonlocal interactions in 2D acoustic metamaterials are instead exploited as a tool to engineer peculiar wave dispersions, such as multiple roton-like minima, leading to negative and triple refraction.

    • Ke Wang
    • Yi Chen
    • Martin Wegener
    Article Open Access
  • UTe2 is an unconventional superconductor with a putative multicomponent triplet order parameter, but the observation of two superconducting transitions remains controversial. Here, UTe2 single crystals exhibit reduced disorder and a single transition at 2 K, setting new constraints on the multicomponent superconductivity scenario.

    • Priscila F. S. Rosa
    • Ashley Weiland
    • Sean M. Thomas
    Article Open Access