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Increase in wildfires in British Columbia

  • Marc-André Parisien
  • Quinn E. Barber
  • Ellen Whitman


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  • Unmanaged land areas are not included in current national reports on greenhouse gas emissions for the Paris Agreement. Here, we argue that carbon dioxide fluxes from all forest land need to be recorded in order to help tracking progress towards global climate targets.

    • Gert-Jan Nabuurs
    • Philippe Ciais
    • Brent Sohngen
    CommentOpen Access
  • The drivers of trends in methane concentrations in the atmosphere over past decades are still poorly understood. Simulations from a chemistry transport model and box model show that human activity is the main driver of a complex system.

    • Chris Wilson
    CommentOpen Access
  • India’s green revolution has made the country a world leader in rice and wheat production, but at the expense of people and the environment. Here, we call for transformative changes in its agriculture to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining production levels.

    • Kamaljit S. Bawa
    • Reinmar Seidler
    CommentOpen Access
  • Climate change is projected to affect migration patterns, mortality, and fertility in the most vulnerable places in the global tropics. An analysis of population growth and exposure to climate extremes in twenty-nine tropical countries shows that heat and drought lead to altered population distributions but not to depopulation.

    • Martina Grecequet
    Research HighlightOpen Access
  • Exposure to poor air quality can damage human health and incur associated costs. The severity of these impacts is not uniform around the globe, but depends on the health and density of the populations.

    • Kerstin Schepanski
    CommentOpen Access
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Human health and the environment

In this Collection, we present articles that explore emerging threats to health and wellbeing posed by the environment, health benefits the environment can provide, and policies that can help improve air, water and soil quality, limit pollution and mitigate against extreme events.
Open for submissions